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Board Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder
Mr. Hodges founded and acted as Chairman for Transform-X, Inc., the former holder of our DragonWave-X and Lextrum subsidiaries. Mr. Hodges also served as founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Medusa Scientific LLC, a science and engineering research and development company. When one of  Medusa's   technologies    showed extreme commercial promise, he made the decision to spin it off and formed TM Technologies, Inc., a 'sister-company,' to commercialize the proprietary modulation technology. He continues to serve as Board Chairman and CEO of TM. We believe Mr. Hodges has an extraordinary business development mindset, strong investigative research experience and deep experience within both the commercial sector and the U.S. Department of Defense and related areas. In addition to his commercial successes, Lieutenant Colonel Hodges served for 26 years as a military member, spending his last 18 years in service as a senior flight instructor with the Air National Guard and retired in September 2014. Mr. Hodges holds multiple U.S. Patents as inventor including a "Method and System for a Grass Roots Intelligence Program" along with numerous radar and communications and radar-related technologies. As an author he wrote and published a volume titled "Future Span" covering current and future U.S. energy paradigms. As the founder and leader of multiple enterprises, he has built organizations from inception that included subsidiaries covering focus areas of Aerospace, Marine, Communications, and Scientific R&D.
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Director, President and Co-Founder
Mr. Howell held senior roles within Transform-X, Inc. and TM Technologies, Inc., including as CEO of Transform-X and President of TM Global, LLC.  Prior to leading TM Global, Mr. Howell was a Co-Founder of the Willowdale Family of boutique advisory companies. Mr. Howell continues to serve as Willowdale’s Non-Executive Chairman. Outside of leading efforts on behalf of Willowdale’s clients, Mr. Howell is also an active leader with a number of national non-profits, particularly in the fields of children’s health and veterans’ affairs. Mr. Howell was an early member of the Business Advisory Committee for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s venture philanthropy activity (MVP). Mr. Howell also serves as one of the four Directors of The Rip Van Winkle Foundation, the New York-based Foundation funded largely with proceeds from the Estate of late New York Yankee Henry “Lou” Gehrig and his wife Eleanor. Previously, Mr. Howell served the U.S. government in a variety of uniformed and civilian capacities worldwide for the United States Army and Central Intelligence Agency. John is both Airborne and Ranger Qualified. Mr. Howell is a Fulbright Scholar and alumnus of Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina.
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Chief Technology Officer
Dr. McIntire is an electrical design engineer with more than 20 years of experience designing hardware and software for embedded and consumer electronics, wireless communications systems, and the Internet of Things. Additionally, he has an acute broad area expertise over several technological fields and is a skilled technologist and systems architect with a history of successfully leading projects and teams from concept through production utilizing extensive background in computer architecture, low power circuits, embedded software, and communications protocols.  Previous commercial accomplishments include co-founding of a cloud-based SaaS company providing IoT services, hosting hundreds of thousands of devices for multiple Fortune 500 companies and developing a scalable edge computing system to perform distributed tracking using multimodal sensing assets. Previous government program experience includes leading efforts under multiple successful DARPA STO programs including early software defined radio technology and a technology transition program into the US Army for distributed target tracking and classification.  Companies Dr. McIntire has led as either a Chief Technologist, CTO, or CEO include Tranzeo Wireless, Arrayent, Prodea, and Silver-Bullet Technology.  He holds a B.S. from Stanford, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Patterson brings over 30 years of operational and engineering experience in the development of wireless communications systems and semiconductors. He most recently served as COO of Silver Bullet Technology, leading an expert team to successfully deliver commercial products and government projects while managing on-shore and off-shore manufacturing resources to build low and high-volume products, including management of export restricted materials. Mr. Patterson has a unique interdisciplinary skill set and holistic approach to the design-for-manufacturing process which results in manufacturable products on tight engineering schedules. Recent commercial successes include the design through production delivery of an embedded IoT platform for the automotive telematics market. Government successes include delivery of software defined radio platforms for multiple DARPA STO programs. Previous roles and companies include VP Operations at Coretex, VP Engineering at Tranzeo Wireless, Sensoria Corporation and Accelerix, as well as senior engineering management roles at MOSAID Technologies, Rockwell Semiconductor Systems and Brooktree Corporation. Mr. Patterson holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and graduated from the Leadership and Management Program at the University of California San Diego.
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Secretary and General Counsel
Mr. Sherlock is licensed to practice law in Washington D.C., Florida and Arizona, having graduated from Georgetown with his Juris Doctorate. He began his legal career as an associate in the Washington D.C. office of a New York law firm with a practice area of aviation law, insurance defense litigation (including complex multi-district air crash disaster litigation) and general corporate matters. After 5 years, Mr. Sherlock opened his solo practice in 1993, with a focus on small business mergers and acquisitions. Since 1996, Mr. Sherlock has been involved in various capacities with small public companies, including serving as corporate secretary, senior management, general counsel, and as a director. Mr. Sherlock has had considerable experience in corporate structure, preparation and review of SEC filings, and mergers and acquisition work. Since 2008, Mr. Sherlock has worked as a law partner at the firm he co-founded Heurlin & Sherlock, PC, in Tucson, Arizona, with a focus on business litigation, securities arbitration, and security clearance matters. Since 1995 Mr. Sherlock has been involved with a non-profit organization, Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, including as Vice-President since 1996 and a Director since 1999. Kevin joined ComSovereign full-time in January 2020.
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Executive Vice President - Business Development

Mr. Kelly was appointed our Executive Vice President for Business Development in connection with our acquisition of RVision Inc. (“RVision”) on April 1, 2021. Mr. Kelly has over 25 years of executive operational experience in the development and manufacturing of Electro-Optical camera systems and senior executive management experience in the defense industry. He had been the Chief Executive Officer of RVision since 2005 and has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Industrial Security Alliance Partners, Inc., a holding company for technology-based research and manufacturing companies that sell primarily to the defense industry (“ISAP”), since he founded ISAP in 1996. At ISAP, he led an expert team of optical and electrical engineers in the development of the first modular based thermal camera systems. Mr. Kelly also has deep knowledge of the surveillance and physical security sector. Throughout his career, Mr. Kelly has initiated the development of mid- to long-range infrared cameras, including integrated electro-optic systems in support of many domestic and international intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) initiatives.

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Chief Research Officer

Doctor Scott Velazquez brings over 25 years of experience in mixed analog and digital signal processing. He has worked on analog-to-digital conversion systems, testing, error modeling and linearity compensation techniques. Dr. Velazquez implemented designed hardware for adaptive array processing communications receivers; developed techniques and algorithms for ultrasound medical imaging, EEG signal analysis, global positioning system (GPS) receivers and cellular telecommunications receivers. Dr. Velazquez received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineer (EE) Degree, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Science and Engineering (BSEE) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Velazquez has technical expertise in mixed digital and analog signal processing, filter design, multi-rate filter bank processing and adaptive array processing including hardware development and testing.   At MIT, Dr. Velazquez developed analog-to-digital conversion systems, error modeling and linearity compensation techniques. Dr. Velazquez also designed and implemented hardware for adaptive array processing communications receivers. At MIT, Dr. Velazquez performed his doctoral work in conjunction with his research committee consisting of two world-renowned experts in analog amplification and digital signal processing: MIT Distinguished Professor James K. Roberge and MIT Distinguished Professor Alan V. Oppenheim. Dr. Velazquez’s original research performed at the MIT Strobe Laboratory, MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics and MIT Lincoln Laboratory led to new discoveries in the field of digital signal processing using wavelet and filter bank optimization.   Dr. Velazquez currently holds 19 United States Patents (and several pending patents) in the fields of: analog-to-digital converters, linearity error compensators, adaptive signal processing, multi-rate signal processing, and communications systems.

Chief Creative Officer /  Vice President of Marketing

Mr. Landers has over 30 years experience delivering creative marketing and advertising campaigns for companies worldwide.

As an award winning director, cinematographer and creative designer, Jeff has experience designing and executing campaigns via web, gorilla marketing, viral, and broadcast through traditional and non-traditional media. Jeff has owned his own creative services company since 1993 serving clients around the world as well as founding and selling an advertising agency and other entrepreneurial ventures. His work has been in diverse industries including healthcare, technology, automotive, food and industrial packaging. His expertise also includes brand development and marketing management helping companies grow their market share. Jeff has served on several non-profit boards across the nation.  

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